We all love to play table tennis or as its most commonly called; ping-pong. It is a fun indoor or an outdoor game, wherever you can find a table to play on. You could use a billiard board or even a dining table to play ping.

Table tennis is a fun game for both children and adults. You can place a spare table in your backyard, garage or patio, place a net in the center, get table tennis bats and ping pong balls and you are all set to enjoy a fun game of ping pong.

You can play ping pong on virtually any table top. If you just want to have some fun with your family and friends then you don’t need a full size table top tennis set. You may not have the space to keep a full size table, so you can buy one of those smaller table top tennis sets which can be placed anywhere in your house.

These small size tennis tables are quite compact and portable which can be placed in a spare room or your garage or backyard without taking much space. You can also carry them on your holidays and picnics.

These portable table top tennis sets include paddles, nets, net posts and balls. Children love to set up these tables and are all excited before starting a game of ping pong. Table tennis lovers can play for hours and get total satisfaction of playing this exciting game.

These small size tables may not give you the feel of a competitive play but who cares as long as you are having loads of fun with your family and friends. You can bond with your children while playing fun games of ping pong. More over this game also helps in improving their eye-hand coordination and other coordination skills.

Table top tennis sets are perfectly safe for children. Their metal posts are padded so you don’t have to worry about your children being exposed to sharp edges. It’s also very easy to set up the nets on the table. You just have to place the net posts on the cavity given on the sides of the table and then just slip or hook the nets on them.

If you want to shorten the net then you simple roll the excessive net around the post till you get the desired size. This table tennis set is not only great for young children but also great fun for adults who love to play ping pong.

Although these sets are absolutely safe for children, make sure you keep them away from very young children or toddlers as it contains small parts such as ping pong balls and metal nails which could be swallowed by them and there could be risk of choking.


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