What’s wrong with plastic food storage containers?

If you’re anything like most people, you use storage containers both to store and to reheat food, especially for work. But when you reheat your dinner in a plastic container, you risk having some of the chemicals in the plastics absorbed into your food…which you then eat. Foods that contain fats are especially prone to this, as they cause a chemical named diethylhexyl adipate to be absorbed out of the plastic. Glass storage containers, on the other hand, pose absolutely no health risk to you or your family of chemical contamination in your food…no matter what you reheat in them.

But plastic food containers are reusable…isn’t that a good thing?

It is…but how many scratched, stained or warped containers do you have lying around, and that you want to throw away? Plastic absorbs tastes and odors from foods, and stains easily. Heating them also causes them to warp over time, especially the lids. Glass storage containers, on the other hand, do not absorb tastes or odors, nor do they stain or warp. Unless you drop them and they break, they will last forever and still look as good as the day you bought them.

Isn’t plastic recyclable?

Some is, but some is not. Most plastic food containers are not recyclable at this time. Plastic can take literally thousands of years to break down in a landfill…and not to mention that the manufacturing of plastics is a major source of environmental pollution. Since glass storage containers last longer for use, you don’t need to throw them away.

Don’t glass food containers cost more?

While they do cost a little more at first, they actually save you money in the long run. Why? Because they do not stain or scratch, you don’t need to replace them as often, or at all. They also save you time, since they can be used in the freezer, the oven and the fridge…even table side for serving. They also look much nicer than plastic containers, which means you can store them anywhere you want…you don’t have to hide them away in the back of your cupboards!

What about lids?

Glass food containers come with either glass or plastic lids. Glass lids are better, but they increase the cost. Plastic lids are fine, as long as you remove them before you heat your food so that they don’t warp. Many lids for glass storage containers are made of thicker, sturdier plastic, and tend to hold up better to repeated use.

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